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Squeaky Cheese Curds

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From Beehive Cheese

These little nuggets of deliciousness are the protostars to Beehive Cheese’s supernova wheels of cheese. In other words, it takes a mass of salty cheese curds shoveled and pressed into a form to produce a wheel of cheese. Over time, the curds in a wheel of cheese will knit back together to become one of Beehive’s award-winning aged cheeses.

Some curds are so squeaky and tasty, they never become a wheel of cheese. They’re pulled straight from the vat, packaged, and snacked upon, because we love them just the way they are.

Our curds are a fresh, delicious treat. We take pride in coming up with just the right combination of fresh local ingredients to project a serious squeak with every bite. Enjoy Squeaky Bee curds as a snack right from the pack or get fancy and make your own poutine. 


Allow the curds to come to room temperature before serving. Great prepared deep fried with a condiment. Pair with a bright, crisp ale or lager.

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